Ugly Delicious

Whiskey Glazed Chocolate Chip Muffins: Finally you can have booze and chocolate for breakfast with these chocolate chip studded muffins that are covered in whiskey butter glaze and a sugar-salt coating. 

So I’ve been baking.

And then giving it away.

Before I photograph it.

Even these almost didn’t make it on the blog because they were made for someone’s birthday.

Luckily I did save a few to photograph because the hockey team loved these.

But then again I think any time you get to have booze on a breakfast item my hockey team would love it. 😛

I planned on blogging this weekend but got sucked into binge watching Ugly Delicious on Netflix.


Because I watched it and then I started (he has a few episodes to go) made my husband watch it.

It’s quite possible the best thing I have ever watched in a long time.

If you don’t know what it is…it’s a documentary put out by David Chang of Momofuko fame.

Be warned they do like to swear so maybe wait until the kids go to bed…or don’t…give them a life lesson. 🙂

It will make you hungry and make you think. And I learned a thing or two which I always appreciate. 🙂

One thing I was reminded of is that most chefs (especially NY chefs) don’t have very big kitchens.

Granted they get to cook in nice big kitchens when they work, but most come home (until the make it really big) to a pretty tiny kitchen.

It inspired me to be happy (for now) with my tiny little kitchen.

Though it also inspired me to overhaul it.

Not a makeover but I’ve lived in the house long enough to know what tools I am using the most and what things I am not using as much and I need to do some rearranging if you will.

Anyway do yourself a favor and watch it.

If you don’t have Netflix…sign up for it for a few days and binge watch it and then cancel. 🙂

It also made me really, really want to get a pizza oven. Which my husband if finally on board for…as soon as we win the lottery. 😀

Also make these muffins.

They are a great chocolate muffin made better with a butter booze glaze and then topped with sugar and salt combo.

Surely they will make your morning better. 🙂