Let It Snow!

Quick Mini Orange Cinnamon Rolls: Now you can have mini Cinnamon Rolls topped with Orange Glaze all made in under an hour. 

It snowed today.

Now if you live in cooler areas of North America this isn’t that big of a deal. But the Seattle area is what is called a temperate climate and snow is not something we get often…as most know we get rain.

Usually about once or twice a year we get a little snow. It hardly sticks and does not last before it quickly turns to rain. There have of course been exceptions to this.

I’m hoping this year is an exception.

The rumor is that we are supposed to have a cold and snowy (for us) winter this year in the PNW.

If today is any indication of the winter coming, I’m pretty excited.

It didn’t last and it didn’t stick but it was giant fluffy flakes coming down for over an hour. It’s also really cold for us…which I love. 

And with that, I made orange rolls.

It’s tradition.

Growing up the first snow sent my mother into a baking frenzy.

Nothing was more exciting than this fat kid sitting at school watching the first flake fall knowing that when I got home there would be a variety of treats for me to choose from.

While those baked goods varied from year to year…one did not. Orange Rolls.

I was under the impression that my mother had made them from scratch until as an adult I asked her for the recipe…only for her to get very quiet. Those homemade rolls were Pillsbury in a can rolls. 🙂

Don’t get me wrong I have been known to break out Pillsbury Orange Rolls on occasions, especially when we had the teens but for the first snow I wanted to actually make something from scratch.

But I did not have a lot of time this time around. I normally make brioche based cinnamon rolls which are great but take overnight to make the dough.

This is a quick rise and a lean dough so these are not as yummy as a brioche based bun…I won’t lie. But fresh out of the oven all covered with glaze, you honestly won’t care. 🙂

You can make these as full size and get 9 buns or make mini ones like I did and get about 16. I went mini because I’m taking them to hockey for the guys.

All in all these will take about an hour from start to finish, which in cinnamon roll world is rather quick.

Hopefully the next time it snows you will make yourself some orange rolls.

Everyone in the family is ready for snow. 🙂

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